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My old farm house is located on the border of Ortona and the old town of San Vito on the Italian Adriatic coast in the region of Abruzzo, just a short drive from Pescara airport, 45 minutes from the ski resorts and close to the regions many national parks. Casa San Vito as I have now called it is a full restoration project and when completed will be a delightful place where family and friends can enjoy the tranquil surroundings, breath some of the worlds cleanest air, meet some amazing people, eat some of Italy's finest fresh foods and of course sample the regions many many delightful wines........




 The property was originally purchased in February 2004  and even though it was a ruin, it matched the criteria required as firstly a holiday retreat and then a retirment home. It was purchased in 2004 ( when the euro was at 1.46 ) and it took more than 2 years to complete the purchase process so work did not start until 13th July 2006 This stone and brick farmhouse is perched on the side of a hill overlooking the vineyards and the sea, a short distance from the beach and has wonderful views of the snow capped mountains. The house was purchased from the 'Nardis' family whose grandfather built it in the 1850's ( then only 2 rooms ) and their Father added more rooms in 1901, the 'Nardis' family still farm the surrounding land producing - grapes, olives and all manor of fresh produce. The region of Abruzzo with the adriatic coastline on one side and the mountains on the other  maintains a good all year temperature and is a healthy place to live and holiday. Have a look at, here you can learn more about the region and what it has to offer, although I have also written my own list which can be found under 'Details & facts'.



 The ground at the rear of the house was cleared and a geoligical survey was carried out to prove the stability of the house and the  foundations, I am pleased to say although the foundations are traditional and not very deep, the house will not fall down, the solid stone and brick walls ( in some places more than 24" thick )  ensure it will be standing for another 100 years. The image above shows the original wine celler at the rear of the house ( still to be refurbished ) The image on the right is a view from the old fortified town of San Vito on a hill, looking down on San Vito Marina



                                    Below  -  Views to the Old fishing town ( Marina ) of San Vito



 House Address -  C.DA  BARDELLA 79, 66028 ORTONA  ( CA ) ITALY





 Lemons growing in the garden....................................................January 2013






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